How to place order ?
  • How to register at ?
  • How registered customers can login ?
  • How to fill shipping information ?
    Step 1 [Top]

    If you are a registered customer click the 'Sign In' and go to Step 4. If you are a new customer click the 'Register' button and go to Step 2.

    Step 2 [Top]
    Fill this form and click 'Submit'.
    Step 3 [Top]
    Fill in registered e-mail address and password then click 'Login'.
    Step 4 [Top]
    Click on the category of the product that you want to send.
    Step 5 [Top]
    Click on the product that you want to send.
    Step 6 [Top]
    You can view the detailed description of the product here and click 'Buy Now'.
    Step 7 [Top]

    1- If you are done shopping, click 'Checkout' and go to Step 9.

    2- The red arrow shows where the quantity can be updated. Update the quantity as desired and click 'Update' as shown by the blue arrow. Once updated, click 'Checkout' to proceed.

    3- To continue shopping click 'Continue Shopping' and choose another product.

    Updated Shopping Cart Screen once more products have been added to the cart.
    Step 8 [Top]

    1- Enter the shipping address and details of the recipient. Entering phone number of the recipient is a MUST. Click 'Buy Now' and go to Step 9.

    Step 9 [Top]

    Fill below form as per given instruncitons then click 'Submit'.

    Step 10 [Top]

    Choose payment method.

    1- If you select 'Easy Pay' go to Step 11.

    2- If you select other method go to Step 12.

    Step 11 [Top]

    If you payment method is Easy paisa then fill form as given below & click 'Submit' button.


    This is your final step. Click 'Submit' button. Your order has been processed.

    Step 12 [Top]
    This is the final screen to process order.